Skuuma design contest entry.

This is a polyurethane foam bed, with two independent parts that could be useful, when someone wants to read a book or watch a tv, while other one want to go to sleep.


Is production of the wood furniture can be more optimized? Yes. But in most cases it isnt. This is one of ideas how to use more types of materials from one tree.


Some final renders.


Very soft-looking cuptable with new design and construction of the shells.


My old student project of the home lamp made almoustly from paper. Well i even now want to make it commercial.


Hand made model.

Time machine

This is a wall clock with hand-control.
Click on the image to view more.
Plus a promo video shots.


Made for the Replicants design contest.

A few old scetches.


Inspired by nature- i guess this is the best words about this concepts. There is a construction explanation picture.


The idea was simple- make standard form-factor chair with non-standard construction and materials. So i made Futur- a chair with deformable plastic body with soft surface finsh and stylish texture on it.

Picture is clickable.

Publication in designers catalogue.