Emergency Phone


This concept is made to incarnate the idea of a reliable helper for people who need such devices. It have a pack of features that can improve the ability to use it in many cases by people who cant use something difficult. First of all- simplicity, the phone have only 3 dial buttons (according to my experience this is more than enough to make the important calls). It have a big letters as the contacts, printed on the simple piece of paper, on a simple home printer with phone setup software. Simply customisable- only one connection to a PC is needed to make a setup of all important features. Ability to auto answer when, for example, is needed to care the person who cant move- after the 10 or more seconds the call is automatically set to the Loudspeaker mode to make a speak possible without touching the phone. Design is suitable even for blind people: it has asymmetric sided buttons with a clear form. There is no screen, minimum of functions so it is energy saving. Of course, this concept need to be improved by a psychological researches to make it more adapted- signals, functions and tactile senses. But the end product will be claimed by a wide spectrum of users.

I will update this concept soon, because it need to be more detailed.


Just a concept idea- a full metal table lamp with different modules wich could differ light emission.

Truck sketch.

I made the graphics only. Original design by Taras Timchuk.

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